Kanuka Honey
Kanuka Honey
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Kanuka Honey

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Kanuka Honey is our newest addition to the family and very quickly becoming a firm favourite among our honey loving followers.

Our Kanuka Honey is beautifully packaged in our 350g sustainable glass jars and presented to a high standard.

Fun facts about Kanuka - just because we all love being experts on where our food comes from... In New Zealand the Kanuka (kunzea) species holds a 'nationally vulnerable' conservation status, what does this mean? It means that like all of our national native plants it's our job to look after them. The Kanuka tree is often confused with it's partner in crime the Manuka bush - but here's a few ways you'll be able to tell the difference between the two. The Kanuka tree grows up to 30m tall unlike the Manuka bush which grows up to 10m. Flowers are very different - a Kanuka tree grows clusters of round edged flowers 4-8mm whereas the Manuka bush has huge flowers that are spikey and up to 12mm.

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