Flower Farm

It's Greytown's worst kept secret so its time to let you in on the plan! We're starting a flower farm onsite at Greytown Honey. 

We've taken thousands of amazing customers behind the scenes and shared our passion and our story with you and the most mind blowing part of it all for us is the lack of understanding when it comes to bees and pollination. So we decided to start a flower farm that shows first hand the impact a bee pollinating a plant has on the seed process. If you know us, you'll agree we don't do things by halves so we've gone all in and created a Dahlia Flower Farm which will be in full swing over summer, between January and April and we're expecting to have thousands of dahlia plants in full bloom ready for Pick Your Own flowers, photos in the patch and exciting events that we'll announce closer to the time. 

There'll be a limited number of spaces available for pick your own flowers each day, so if you're wanting flowers for weddings or special events and have specific colour palettes in mind make sure you get in touch quickly with us, likewise if you're a local retailer and are interested in having flowers for sale at your shop or regular flower deliveries through summer - get in touch with us at greytownflowerfarm@gmail.com

Check back here in November as we add some pretty amazing deals up for the early birds that want to get in and secure their flowers for summer.