Honey Extraction


Did you know that we can extract your honey for you right here in the Wairarapa?

We offer a contract extraction service for everyone - whether you're a hobby beekeeper with 50 honey supers or a commercial operation with thousands of hives, we have an option for everyone!

We hold a full Risk Management Programme (RMP) and can organise Electronic Declarations (ED's) to move your honey off to a bulk buyer at your request. You'll need to be a registered beekeeper with both MPI and the AFB Pest Management Agency. We facilitate a full range of testing and are happy to chat about your requirements for this upcoming season.

Did you know we are also able to supply a wide range of bulk Manuka Honey for purchase. Our options are endless from our own retail ready brand, private brands, catering sizes through to 300kg steel drums ready for shipping now. 

We're also able to help you with a full range of other beekeeping services? We have everything available from building your boxes and paraffin dipping them for you through to sterilizing them through our steam cleaner for you - please get in touch with Alex. We have limited spaces for this available each year, and preference will always be given to beekeepers that we contract extract for but if we can help, let us know!