Kamahi Honey
Kamahi Honey
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Kamahi Honey

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Kamahi honey is from a tree grown in most native bushes around New Zealand. Very few people know much about it, but it's commonly known as the Weinmannia Racemosa and it can grow as an evergreen shrub up to 25m. From a beekeeping perspective, it flowers at the same time as the Manuka bush, but is much easier to 'work' for the bees so they tend to go crazy over it. Being that it grows at the front of the bushline, the bees still gather the sweet pastures, the strong Manuka and then the buttery Kamahi honey.

It's been described as a caramel butterscotch flavour and is very quickly becoming our most popular honey. It's a great all rounder of a honey proven by its success in the Outstanding Food Producer Awards and being a finalist in the NZ Food Awards in 2018.

Our Kamahi Honey is beautifully packaged in our 350g sustainable glass jars and presented to a high standard.

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