Rewarewa Honey
Rewarewa Honey
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Rewarewa Honey

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Beautifully presented in our 350g glass jars our Rewarewa is sure to appeal to your taste buds. Rewarewa is a rich dark colour and has been described by our customers as a toffee like honey. It's definitely worth a try! 

This is another one of those moments that everyone asks, "Whats the Rewarewa Tree?" Here's a few fun facts - its another one of the giants of the forest trees (we like those) that grows up to 30m tall with a whopping trunk of 1m. It's proper botanical name is Knightia excelsa for the plant enthusiasts among us. It's flowers are approx 10cm long, they're pinky red and have lime-green anthers. The leaves are long - up to 30cm with a jagged edge on them. Once you see it, you'll know it forever!  

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