Manuka Honey - 200+ MGO
Manuka Honey - 200+ MGO
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Manuka Honey - 200+ MGO

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Our Manuka Honey 200+ range came to be as a result of needing to fill a gap in the market. We were already producing the Manuka Honey 100+ and the Manuka Honey 400+ range, but customers wanted something in the middle – better quality than the Manuka 100+ but not needing the super strength behind the Manuka 200+.

This has probably been our most tricky flavour of honey to get right. The taste has the strong Manuka Honey taste that we all know, the solid consistency that’s expected but its missing the ‘dark’ colour that people assume will come with a high grade Manuka Honey. Like all of our honey, it is sent to the laboratory to ensure it meets the grades, and that it’s fit for purpose. 

Our Manuka Honey 200+ range fits for those who are wanting to have Manuka Honey as more of a general wellness product. In terms of what the MGO means, basically the Manuka Honey 200+, is twice the strength of the Manuka Honey100+, but half the strength of the Manuka Honey 400+. Many customers believe that if they take Manuka Honey Honey each day it helps with their immunity and ensuring that they make it through winter without catching the common winter colds etc. The Manuka Honey 200+ is great for this purpose and many companies use this grading of Manuka Honey when they make natural cough syrups and wellness products.

Our Manuka Honey is packaged in our 350g sustainable glass jars and beautifully presented making it the perfect present for any honey lover. 

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