Beeswax Food Wraps

Our eco-friendly 100% cotton beeswax wraps are made from our own sustainable beeswax produced as a by-product of our honey production process. We combine this amazing beeswax with a mixture of natural pine resin and jojoba oil to provide the wrap with not only durability, but it also enhances the natural antibacterial properties of the beeswax. 

One of the best parts of running a business in our local community is we get the opportunity to make a difference. We donate proceeds from our Beeswax Foodwraps back into community and currently our chosen charity is the House of Science - Wairarapa. Help us by ordering more Beeswax Foodwraps online - they're $19 for a packet which has 2 great sized wraps in it - perfect for wrapping school lunches, blocks of cheese, leftovers right through to your soap and toiletries when you go away!